Ten thoughts on an authentic life

1. When talking to clients about authenticity, I speak about the fact that most of us would agree that we come into this world as a bundle of light and love.  By the time we are discussing this, we would have probably already had a session on core beliefs, and they would have started to uncover some of the stories that they have taken on and had running, potentially for as long as they remember.  We speak about how with those beliefs running we can end up being a far cry from the person we were put on the planet to be.

2. This was a big wake up call for me when I did this work, and it felt like a relief and grief and WTF all rolled into one!  The beliefs and story reel that we can have running, can seem so very true and real and we can gain evidence for it left, right and centre, but it is not our true self.  The more we connect back with our true self, the closer we return to the person we were put on the planet to be.

3. Often the life coaching journey can be two-fold.  It can be discovering, unpacking and releasing who we are not, and exploring the different parts of our puzzle, who we are, what we want to be doing, how we want to be showing up, what we want life to look like, how we want to feel…

4. A workshop I run is the part our thoughts play in the actions we take, what does your story reel sound like?  What are those thoughts, those words that you hear yourself saying when things haven’t gone quite as you’d hoped or planned, how do you hear you talking to yourself?  Is it supportive and encouraging or quite the opposite?  When we are living more connected to our true self, there is more compassion, encouragement, gentleness, and bit by bit we bring more wholesome thoughts into our mix, which can lead to far more wholesome, sustainable change.

5. When we experience anger, shame, frustrations, guilt, it can be because we are not living true to our self.  It can feel like our soul is tired of asking quietly, and is now going all out for you to hear what it needs…

6. One of the ways, a beautiful exercise to do, and really quite a quick way of finding out more about our authentic self is to find out our core values.  I describe them as the spine of our soul.  Yes, they do change over time as different things become a priority or as we experience different things, but it can be a great foundation and starting point to work from.

7. Sometimes we can find ourselves waiting, putting others before ourselves, may be the kids, a partner’s needs, other family members.  It may be putting other parts of our life first, most often work.  What do you need to give yourself permission to do, to start, to finish, to let go of?  What do you need to do for you?

8. Those goals you have got or are thinking about, are they yours?  I share here the story of signing up for a goal that was so not mine….

9. How do you want to feel?  When we focus on feelings as an outcome, we can start working backwards as to what needs to happen to bring those feelings in to our world…

10. What are some things that maybe you used to enjoy or cherish?  Often working with people they start to remember that they used to love writing poetry, playing the guitar, walks out in the bush, YES to bringing some of that back in to our world, as well as what else, what hasn’t been in our world that it really is time we start or at least give it a go!  It makes me smile, I am so passionate about living an authentic life, my typing speed has just doubled!  I love seeing the glint in someone’s eye when they start sharing with me what they are passionate about, or the readiness and openness they have to start exploring it!

Say yes to life, say yes to the real you!

If you are keen to find out more about your core values, there is an online option here.

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