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FAQS - General

Consciously Living is committed to building a strong representation of our wellness community in New Zealand. We strive to unite people with organisations providing services and products that support and enhance wellness in our communities. 

Our points of difference from other directories:

1 – This is a platform for the community; a reference, guide, directory and support network designed to improve access to wellness throughout New Zealand.

2 – Our values are aligned with our efforts. An all-inclusive approach, we feel everyone should have equal opportunity regarding wellness.

3 – We know there is an inflation of things in the wellness sector, therefore we aim to give only what is relevant and supportive to your wellness.

4 – Any surplus gained from organisational contributions is directed straight into supporting community programmes & initiatives.

5 – With an aim of increasing community wellness, we seek feedback, input, ideas so that we can actively involve the community in our decision making.

To become a member of Consciously Living – follow this link, complete your details and you will be all set to go.

For organizations wanting to subscribe and feature their business – Add a listing


By subscribing, you are helping grow & strengthen the New Zealand Wellness Community. Consciously Living is a platform  entirely focused on both local and national health and wellbeing. We will keep you informed and connected to upcoming events, new products/services, promotions, discounts and other relevant information to help support your wellness & that of your  community.

Once you’re signed in, view the drop down menu under your name, select the ‘bookmarks’ option and then it will display all your bookmarked items. 

To bookmark your favorite listings & events, click on the heart icon located on that listing/event page and this will display directly in your bookmark section.

We welcome community input and appreciate you supporting your local businesses to have them represented.

If you know of a business that isn’t listed on Consciously Living, and you would like to see it online, you can recommend a business here.

It is at the discretion of the business owner as to whether they want their business profile listed, but we will gladly connect with them.

No, a listing is created by a person or organisation who is actively engaged in providing products or services that are contributing to individual and collective wellness in New Zealand.

If you see one that you feel does not meet this criteria please share your feedback.

We decide if a business is the right fit for the Consciously Living community through an approval process. Generally, there are only two aspects to qualify;

Firstly, we have to be certain that the applicant is recognised as a legal entity. For example, the applicant might be a company, charity, trust or foundation operating in NZ.

Secondly, we consider the purpose and impact of the service, product or practice that is being offered. Confirming that the offering is contributing either directly or indirectly to the local and national wellbeing of NZ. 


We welcome your ideas and suggestions as a means to continually improving the Consciously Living community.  Share your ideas & feedback by following this link.

Add a listing here – This is for businesses that are wanting to share their event, workshop or course and are already members with Consciously Living.
Not a member and want to list? – follow this link

Know of an event in your community that isn’t listed? – Recommend an event


If you experience a site error, whether it be information or functionality, please let us know via our contact us page, and we’ll make sure the error is resolved and the service improved.

The Consciously Living site and functionality is smartphone friendly, there is no specific App at this point in time.

There are a number of ways to connect with us, just head to our Contact Us page to find the method that suits you best. We would love to hear from you.

Account Support

Register here

Or click on ‘register’ on the top right of the home page and a small registration window will pop up. Enter your details and click ‘register’.

Login here

Or at the top of the page you can click login/register and then enter your email and password.

Having difficulty logging in? – Please contact us and we will help you get it sorted.

Click on the ‘Sign In’ at the top right of the home page and a sign in window will pop up. Click the ‘Forgot password?’ link under the ‘Sign In’ button. Simply enter your email address and hit the reset password button. You will then receive an email with a link to reset your password. Click on the link and then enter in your new password and hit ‘Submit’. Then complete your login with the new password and you’re back up and running.

Log into the Consciously Living site. Once logged in, go to the drop down box under your name as it appears top right of the home page, select ‘Account Details’ and there you can amend personal details.


It is a great way to recommend your local favourites and show them your support as well as letting our community know the organisations they can trust. Each week, the top reviews from the community will feature on the front page.

Search Consciously Living for the business you want to review and once you’ve found them navigate to the reviews tab. If you are not already logged in, you will be asked to log in or create an account. You will receive a validation email to confirm your email address. Once you are logged in, choose your star rating, leave your review and submit.

Requiring you to register is essential for us which enables us to ensure reviews on Consciously Living are genuine.  We may also need to contact someone who leaves a review for the purposes of making admendments to spelling, grammar or language.

All reviews go through a moderation process. Once you submit your review it will generally be live within 48 hours. We will let you know by email when your review goes live.

Yes you can change your review at any time. Log into your Consciously Living account, go to the business you reviewed, then go to the ratings and reviews section. Here you can see and amend your review.

No, a business will not be able to see your contact details when you submit a review of their business. Your privacy is very important to us and we won’t share your contact details with the business you are reviewing. 

This review & rating system is authentic and users will gain confidence in the system.
+ All reviewers must register with an email address which we then authenticate.
+ Reviews on a business are limited to 1 per email address.
+ Should a review be disputed, the reviewer will need to provide proof that they have dealt with the business in question. If proof cannot be provided, the disputed review will be removed.
+ Businesses do have a right of reply. The system enables businesses to respond to reviews.
+ The more ratings left for businesses on the site, the less likelihood of anyone skewing the feedback system. We encourage everyone visiting the site to rate any businesses they have used. Every rating posted improves the usefulness of the Consciously Living site for all users. We also invite all businesses to ask their customers to rate them on the site. This enables businesses to record word-of-mouth referrals and recommendations.

FAQS - Business

Become a part of our growing community of Wellness providers throughout NZ.

+ Allow your business to be exposed to a growing network of customers.

+ Connect with other Wellness Providers and join a supportive network dedicated to amplifying wellness.

+ You can list events, workshops, courses and share ‘Insights’ for FREE.

+ Consciously Living Membership
Have everything in one place. Your listings, events, promotions, orders & favourite bookmarks. Track customer visits & reviews. Be first to hear about deals, events & insights.

+ Business Support
Consciously Living is more than a directory. It is actively creating a business support network to assist in all areas of business.

List your business here.

Consciously Living membership model provides 4 options for your annual contribution. You select a contribution option that suits your circumstances. What you pay for a listing is at your discretion. All contributors are valued equally and each contribution enables us to further support this growing community.

FREE – this option is available for Not-for-Profit organisations.

SEED – $60 – for businesses just starting out & new to the wellness community.

GROW – $120 – for businesses that are already established and growing

MATURE – $180 – for businesses that are a little more seasoned and are in a position to contribute more.

You can ADD a Listing here

What’s involved: There are just five steps to create a listing:
1 – Enter your listing details
2 – Choose your level of contribution 
3 – Complete the checkout process and you’re done.
4 – We will be notified once you submit your listing, and it will go through our approval process. Depending on volume this can be up to 2 days.
5 – You will be notified when your listing has gone live.

 If you have any difficulties with the process, Get in touch, and we will be more than happy to assist. 

The qualifying criteria for listing on Consciously Living is important and basic. 

Firstly, we have to be certain that the applicant is recognised as a legal entity. For example, the applicant might be a company, charity, a trust or foundation operating in NZ.

Secondly, we consider the purpose and impact of the service, product or practice that is being offered. Confirming that the offering is contributing either directly or indirectly to the local and national wellbeing of NZ.

The word ‘contribution’ is carefully selected. It highlights our view that when you buy a business listing at Consciously Living, it is a contribution to growing our wellness ecosystem in New Zealand. Your contribution supports this site, other providers, and community initiatives that are all enhancing and supporting wellness throughout New Zealand.

If your not-for-profit organisation or charity is actively supporting our social and environmental health and wellbeing, we offer you a FREE listing.

We also welcome you to add events, projects and community initiatives to the site which we will support by sharing with the wider community.

Any not-for-profit organisation can apply for a FREE listing. Essentially you are a registered not-for-profit organisation in the form of a trust, a company, foundation or charity and your offering effectively supports & enhances Wellness in our communities.

Add your Free Listing

All free listings will go through an approval process.
Not sure if you qualify? Get in touch!

Navigate to your business listing, and you will find a ‘Claim’ button in the Quick Actions under the header image. Once you click ‘Claim’, you’ll be prompted to login or register, choose your level of contribution for your listing, edit & update your listing details and complete the checkout process. 

The business listing you create on Consciously Living website will be live for 1 year. We will contact you well before any expiry date, but if you have any questions about your membership and wish to discuss the options available to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Once you’re signed in, go to ‘My Listings’, select the ‘expired’ button. Follow the prompts, select your level of contribution and restart the subscription by clicking ‘Resubscribe’.

To delete a listing please follow the steps below:

1 – Log into your account

2 –
Under your name – follow the drop-down arrow and select ‘My Listings.’
3 – Find the listing you wish to delete and click on the trash can icon

Please connect with us directly if you have any trouble and we will be more than happy to assist.

There are two options:

FREE events – Welcomes all community events that are supportive to the overall wellness of the community.
FEATURED events – $30 for a front page promotion of your event along with social media plugs. 

What is involved:
Select your event choice – FREE or FEATURED. Fill out your event details, add a photo and submit it for approval. You will be notified when your event goes live.

Add an event 

There are several ways to you might promote your business:

+ Add events, workshops, classes for FREE.
+ Get positive customer reviews & get featured on the front page.
+ Share a wellness insight/BLOG & include a reference to your business and we will get it published.
+ Promote a deal or discount to the community and we will share it for you.

Consciously Living is building a network of business specialists who are passionate about caring for Wellness providers and services. This network is designed to empower your business of supporting wellness within our community. 
Click here to find out more

Payments & Cancellations

We accept all major credit and debit cards through the trusted and secure Stripe gateway.
If you are looking for an alternative, we will provide you the information necessary for an internet banking payment.

Tax invoices are generated automatically by email once the order is marked complete by an administrator. You will find the invoice attached to that email. 

Go to your dashboard, under ‘my listings’, you will see your current subscription, click the ‘Change Payment’ button to change the payment details as prompted.

Go to your dashboard and under ‘my listings’, you will be shown your current subscription, click on the subscription you wish to cancel and simply click the ‘Cancel’ button.

The listing will stay live on the site until the prepaid period has expired after which time the listing will be deactivated. You can reactivate an expired listing any time by going to ‘my listings’ and clicking on ‘Relist’. 

Still have questions?

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