About Consciously Living

It is our belief that everyone deserves to live a healthy, enjoyable, connected and supported life of wellness

Consciously Living is here to improve Wellness in Aotearoa!

Increasing accessibility to providers that are here to support the Health and Wellbeing of our people, our communities and our environment.

What is Consciously Living?

Consciously Living brings together a collective of businesses and people who care, about you, your health & wellness and that of our communities and our environment.

We combine all the ingredients that are supportive to our Wellness; Healing PracticesYoga & MindfulnessRetreatsLocal Growers, Conscious Eateries & Organic Stores, Environment & Sustainable Living, Exploring Aotearoa and our CultureCommunity Support & Guidance and Conscious Wellness Events.

One platform that supports our choice to live consciously. A place for people to be curious, to connect, to heal, to learn, to be inspired and to ultimately be supported on your wellness journey.




New Zealand is united, empowered and connected with essential resources for everyday wellness.


To be the leading resource, the heart of all things wellness in New Zealand
To connect all wellness providers on a platform that enables their continual growth, learning and business development.


To bring wellness to the forefront of our society, so that all people, animals and environments can thrive

Who is behind the scenes?

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Your hosts in Wellness
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What is Consciously Living all about?

~Wellness ~

It’s about life itself; how we are living and the choices we make ~ Living Consciously is how we make those choices!

“Choosing to live Consciously has become one of the most important decisions we face today.”

~Us ~

All of us as a collective, working together within a common purpose. All life is interwoven with a common thread (a sutra) and that thread is “wellness.”

“When one of us suffers, we all suffer!”

~ Caring ~

This most important instinctive aspect of being Human, ‘caring’ unites us when enough people are caring for what truly matters, that affect us all. Caring consciously! The most effective caring is guided by our conscience.

“Life is precious, let us make a conscious choice every day to nurture, nourish, love and care for our wellness.”

~ Connection ~

We are all connected. Our individual health and wellbeing are directly linked to that of others; our families, our communities, our environment, nation and entire planet.

“We are all in this together, let’s create unity, support and let separation be a thing of the past.”

~ Living Consciously ~

We learned that Living Consciously is a choice and once made, enables us to make empowering decisions that lead to a healthier, more sustainable future for everyone.  Living Consciously means that our thoughts, our actions and our words become aligned and have a powerful impact on health and wellbeing.

“Choosing to live Consciously is showing you care.”

~ Active Involvement ~

With your help, with your involvement, together we can bring all the elements of holistic wellness to prevail in the health of our communities. We can become the rule not the exception, with more accessibility, more affordability, therefore playing a far more dominant role in the health of New Zealanders over time.

“When our communities unite in caring, it is amazing what can be achieved.”

Life is precious ~ let us make a conscious choice every day to nurture, nourish, love and care for our wellness.

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