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Welcome to Consciously Living! Now that you are here, grab a cuppa and take a look around as there is some awesome work Wellness Providers are doing in our communities throughout Aotearoa. Whether you are a wellness provider or interested in your wellbeing and that of others close to you, Consciously Living is your one-stop shop to all things wellness.
With a broad range of topics ranging from massage & yoga to sustainable living & growers, you can be sure to be supported wherever you are so that you may live a long & healthy lifestyle. Help us grow and be the best we can be for ourselves, each other and Aotearoa because wellness is everyone's right!

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Life is precious, therefore let us make a conscious choice every day to nurture, nourish, love and care for life.

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Insights from our Wellness Providers

Aug 02
Study for a qualification in natural health?

Wellpark College of Natural Therapies has been providing qualifications and courses in Natural health for over 27 years. We are passionate about integrated health care and ensuring that the public can make informed choices about how they best manage their health and wellbeing. Our job at Wellpark College is to educate, train and support students. […]

Jul 19
Fog & Moon Linens connect nature with minimalist design

Fog & Moon | linens: we are a family business based in Wellington city. When tūpuna (ancestors) call, every cell in the body responds… Fog & Moon | Linens is a concept born from research; as a practicing artist for over 15 years my key focus has been developing the Māori concept Kaitiakitanga or stewardship and landscape from a Māori perspective within my artwork. After completing […]

Jul 11
My ten days in silence and meditation

While living in Australia, I attended a ten-day silent meditation retreat. A former boss of mine asked me to write down what I expected vs what I really got from it and send it to him – he really thought it would provide him with a lot of entertainment. The man that inspired me to […]

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