Category: Foodie

Nov 27
5 ways to incorporate Almond Butter

5 ways to incorporate Almond Butter into your diet Almonds are a delicious tree nut, often described as one of nature’s healthiest foods. They’re packed with protein, heart-healthy fats and fibre. Almonds offer a good source of important minerals and vitamins. Some of these include: Minerals • Magnesium• Calcium• Iron• Selenium Vitamins • Vitamins B2 […]

Jun 13
Energising Superfoods You Need To Try In Your Smoothies

We may be biased but we think that a superfood smoothie for breakfast is the best way to hydrate your body, kickstart your metabolism, and give you the energy you need to nail the day. Superfoods can be a valuable addition to diets which aren’t gaining essential nutrients from other sources, and can easily be […]

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