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Zeenya Clothing is a NZ company run by Chloe and Sarah, two friends who met working in sport a few years ago. With a shared passion for change and positivity, they have created an ethically minded activewear business. You can check out more of their story and why their part of the Consciously Living Community here…

How did Zeenya come about?

After a whirlwind trip together to Brazil in 2011, Sarah’s purchases of bright coloured leggings started turning heads as something that wasn’t readily available here in NZ. At the time you could basically only purchase our national colour, black, in the majority of activewear stores. Greatly influenced by Brazilian women and the love they have for their own bodies regardless of shape or size, we decided it was time to bring some of that positivity and vibrancy into the New Zealand activewear scene.

What makes Zeenya special?

Well, all our lives our Mum’s have told us we’re special so that’s it right? Just kidding. We have a few things that we think make us unique.

1. Our fabric is Amini Sol Eco which is the world’s first biodegradable nylon, so yes, you can compost those leggings! The good news is that they won’t break down on your body, so you get to decide when to say goodbye.

2. Every single print is limited edition. That way you can find something that’s uniquely you.

3. Our product isn’t made in a large factory. We work with a small wife and husband Brazilian company who employs no more than 4 seamstresses who produce our beautiful activewear.

4. Our fabric is incredibly soft and comfortable. We rock high waistbands so that people can choose to wear them and feel supported or fold them down for a ‘hipster’ look. The choice is yours. We challenge you to find a more comfortable pair of leggings.

What does Zeenya mean?

Zeenya (Zinha in Portuguese) is a term of endearment, it’s added to friends names to show affection i.e. Chloezinha. We want our fans to be our friends, to share in the Zeenya story and for us to create a more conscious group of consumers together.

What are your values?

We believe in Embracing Life Through Colour – this means having a mindful, energetic and positive outlook on life. We love going on adventures and celebrating our bodies as they are and what amazing things they allow us to do. We appreciate that as consumers we have the privilege of making choices. We are responsible for those choices making a better impact on those people and the environment around us.

We are so delighted to be part of the Consciously Living Community. We can all learn to make changes, and sites like this make it easier for those of us wanting to be connected by these choices.

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  • Cathie Lindsey
    July 5, 2017 at 4:55 pm

    These are beautiful, comfortable leggings! I love them, and biodegradable as well. Have been telling all my friends

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