The Value of Personal Retreats

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We live in a busy world – work, home, going to yoga, exercising, caring for children and/or parents, shopping for beautiful food, finding time for meditation, and so much more. But, what about time for us – that special time to slow down and look inwards, find a quiet space and reflect on your own sense of being, and wellbeing?  Come and join one of our retreats.

Here at Anahata Yoga Retreat in Golden Bay in the northern South Island we see people from all walks of life come to participate in our organised retreats – there’s a great mix of hatha yoga, karma yoga, kriya, sound yoga, meditation, Yoga Nidra training, nutrition, yogic lifestyle and permaculture retreats throughout the year. So there’s a wonderful mix of people coming through Anahata all the time. But what if you just want personal time for you?

‘No demands being made on your time.’

In amongst our busy retreat schedule, we also offer time and space for people to make their own personal retreats. These personal retreats are exactly that – they are self-guided with no demands being made on your time. Meals are included and guests are welcome to join the regular Anahata practices such as morning chanting, hatha yoga, Yoga Nidra relaxation, fire ceremonies and guided meditation. But ultimately, your time is your own.

‘Surrounded by the wild beauty of native beech forest & overlooking
Golden Bay & out to Cook Strait’

We have some people who come for health reasons – taking time at Anahata to rest and relax. We have an inspiring mountain location at the top of the South Island, surrounded by the wild beauty of native beech forest and overlooking Golden Bay and out to Cook Strait. The cuisine is totally vegetarian, with as much local food as can be sourced, or grown on site, and most dietary concerns can be accommodated.

Our pure drinking water comes from a mountain spring and we are off-grid, generating most of our power from the sun (we do have a backup generator for those cloudy, wet days). Parts of the property are EMR-free if you’re looking for white zone healing, and our limited power means that much of the Anahata property is also technology-free as well.

‘Quiet spaces for writing or reading are easy to find.  We have a great library of health
and spirituality books to lose yourself in.’

Other people come to recharge – there are several hatha yoga classes a week and we are on the edge of the Abel Tasman National Park so there are some beautiful walks nearby. Quiet spaces for writing or reading are easy to find, and we have a great library of health and spirituality books to lose yourself in. The centre’s daily schedule also gives time to work in the large gardens if you wish. And it’s a 30-minute drive down the mountain to the sea if you want to go kayaking, swimming or just walking along the beach.

Our comfortable straw bale yurt, Chakra, offers an ideal space for a personal stay. It’s slightly away from the main paths, with a sunny deck overlooking Golden Bay far below. It has simple cooking facilities, a private bathroom and a cosy log fire. There are also several small basic huts if you really want to get away from it all.

Join in the community at meal times then retreat to your own private hut in the bush – candles, a bush toilet and outdoor shower complete this rustic stay. We have people come and stay in these huts for months at a time, allowing their bodies and souls to heal quietly and gently.

With visiting and resident swamis onsite throughout the year there are also opportunities for private sessions for healing and counselling.

Email us for more information on arranging your own personal stay at Anahata Yoga Retreat.

Phone: 03 525 9887
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