Thirteen years ago I wrote down my goals. One of my biggest goals?
To create and run adventure retreats!

It was very detailed covering two pages with ideas of adventure activities offered throughout the different seasons. Snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowcaving, and mountaineering were some of the winter adventures. Mountain biking, kayaking, rafting, trail running, rock climbing, abseiling, horse trekking and diving were some of the ideas for summer adventures. I had also included practices such as yoga, meditation, and massage to balance out the retreat experience.

Fast forward thirteen years and NZ Adventure Retreats is now up and running, creating amazing adventures for those wanting to reignite their adventurous spirit but at the same time nurture their soul.

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So why did it take thirteen years and why now?

I guess it comes down to timing and realizing there is a time in our lives where we desperately need a little adventure and a little pampering!

After having my three boys I felt a little out of touch with ‘the old Kym’. The old Kym was spontaneous and fun and always off on an adventure. Three colicky, reflux, sleep avert babies later I went looking for a retreat style adventure holiday to regain a sense of self and what was important to me (other than my screaming babies of course)! All I could find was yoga/surf retreats and yoga/hiking retreats. This just didn’t feel like enough adventure. I wanted something that was going to challenge me and be a little different to what I would usually do.

I started feeling the urge to honor my goals and start up my adventure retreat business at this stage.  However with three boys five and under, the timing wasn’t quite right- yet! At this stage I had also recently sold my marketing business and had bought into a spa motel business, so I would have been taking on far too much and spreading myself thin.

It was several years later on a family holiday to Queenstown that I caught up with a gorgeous friend from our time living in Whistler, Canada. Naomi and I chatted about what our plans were for the future and both realized that we wanted to be running adventurous style retreats. With complimentary skill sets, we decided to combine passions and make it happen! Timing was now right, with the boys a bit older and a little more independent and the spa motel business not so time-consuming.

Our first winter adventure retreat!

We recently held our first winter adventure retreat in Queenstown and it was incredible. The girls were amazing and we received fantastic feedback.  This has us very excited about our upcoming trail running retreat in the Coromandel in December, and our Queenstown summer retreat in February.

Goal Setting

Goal setting is an important strategy for creating the life of your dreams, which is why we include goal setting workshops on our retreats. All of our retreats are designed to push your boundaries through adventure activities whilst balanced with holistic wellness practices to rejuvenate and relax the body and mind, which so many of us need these days.

We seek to blend the perfect mix of adventure with mindful practices, including yoga and meditation, nutrition and workshops, to create an adventure that will spark your passion and empower you to LIVE YOUR LIFE!

Retreats are held in some of the most inspiringly beautiful places in New Zealand. You’ll leave with your biggest smile ever, and the tools and support to keep it there. Do you feel the need to set some goals, reignite your adventurous spirit or nurture your soul? Then we would love to adventure with you!

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Kym Skerman is a mother of three busy boys 8, 6 and 3 years old. She has a deep passion for adventure that needs constant feeding to feel complete and fulfilled. She also trains and competes in multisport and adventure racing.  Her biggest challenge yet is competing in the 10 day Godzone expedition race based in Fiordland in February.

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