Ever feel life brings you more than your fair share of storms? I wonder if everything in life went so smoothly whether it would provide us with as much growth and opportunity. When we are faced with a storm it presents us an opportunity. We usually need to make decisions, sometimes these must be made quickly and other times we have longer to ponder, but invariably a decision needs to be made. Some of us make that decision then look back and wonder if another decision may have given us a better outcome, some of us find making the decision difficult and consult many people before choosing, some of us face the decisions head on and walk confidently in the knowledge we had made the best decision for ourselves at that time.  Let’s explore them a little further:

The Doubter

If you look back you are always second guessing yourself. Yes, the outcome would have been different but there is no knowing if it would have been better. You cannot wind back time but you can accept the decision you made and make new decisions if you are not happy with the path you are taking.

The Consulter

If you consult lots of people in order to make your decision, is it ever your decision you are making? Others advice is usually based on how they would deal with a situation, and although guidance can be helpful, relying on others to make your decisions can result in you losing confidence in yourself. Which can mean once you make the decision you may find it harder to commit to the outcome, easier to blame others if the outcome is not what you were hoping for, and it chips away at your confidence making it harder for you to make the next decision, therefore encouraging a repeating cycle.

The Believer

No matter the outcome of the decision, the believer doesn’t look back and second guess whether they made the right decision.  If doubts or reflection come to their mind they let it go willingly and only look forward.  They recognise that if the path they are on needs correcting then a new decision based on what is happening in their lives now is needed.  The believer doesn’t always make the right decisions yet has the self-assurance that it was the right decision at the time.  Knowing whether the decision results in a positive or negative experience there is a reason for that and lessons are learnt from every experience.

If you relate more to being a Doubter or Consulter and want to be a believer ask yourself:

  1. Who else in this world knows you as well as you do?
  2. Who else in this world knows truly what you want, feel and desire?
  3. What’s the worst that could happen if you made a decision?
  4. What’s the best that could happen as a result of making a decision?

Personal challenge

When faced with your next decision, no matter how large or small, tell yourself that you trust your decisions, make the choice and implement that choice. Stop and think about how you are feeling, congratulate yourself on having the courage to believe in your ability to make the right decisions for you. Most importantly if you are a Doubter and find yourself reflecting backwards, wondering if you made the right decision, embrace the decision you made and have the confidence it was the right one for you at the time. If you are a Consulter then challenge yourself to consult only 1 other person with the decision YOU have made, when you do ask them to say what they think the answers to Questions 3 & 4 above would be.  Be a storm rider.

Article by: Dalice Rose
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I use my experience as a Mum, Sister, Wife & 20-year Corporate career in Change Management to help people live a more fulfilled life. My motto is “You think what you are, you are what you think”. This comes from the knowledge that how we manage our reactions to what life brings us has a profound effect on how fulfilled we feel. If you want to feel more contentment, achieve a goal, gain control of your life, make a significant change or live life with more fulfilment then get in touch for a free 30-minute session.

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