I’m Michelle Yandle, a Nutrition Coach in Taranaki helping women break free from the noise of dieting culture so they can learn to reconnect, to listen to and trust their bodies again. By doing so, we can achieve health and peace of mind like never before and feel truly in charge of our eating again.

Many of the women who come to see me have varying levels of distorted eating patterns and an all around unhealthy relationship with food. Maybe they’ve yo-yo dieted their entire lives (like me), maybe they are totally and utterly confused about all the dietary advice out there, maybe they feel out of control around food and often find them over eating, eating for emotional reasons or even binging, the list goes on. There are so many reasons why we’ve become disconnected with our eating habits, many of which I discuss in my book The Empowered Eating Handbook.

One thing that is becoming increasingly apparent is that society has become increasingly disconnected. It seems the more we ‘connect’ to the internet and technological devices the less we connect with each other. And what this does is create a void that we will often tend to fill with food (or other substances).

It’s amazing how we can have hundreds to thousands of friends online and yet feel totally isolated and alone. Connecting online is not the same as connecting in life and so to truly connect we have to disconnect from those outlets and take some time to get out and experience each other and the world around us.

Don’t get me wrong; I use social media all the time. It’s a great way to keep in touch and enjoy each other’s celebrations and photos. But like most things, moderation rather than dependency is key. The more we fill up by being with those who make us feel good and lift us up, the less we need to soothe with food.

It’s also about connecting to our surroundings, the earth and the animals in our lives Just get out and experience!

It’s amazing how good it can feel simply to smile at a stranger and get a smile in return or to make small talk with the person stuffing your grocery bags for you. Connect to the earth by placing your bare feet in the sand or getting out and gardening. Connect with your pets with a walk, or throwing a stick. Simply stop to listen to your partner, look them in the eyes and acknowledge them.

All these things will sooth our souls, our hearts and by nurturing our hearts we then nurture our bodies.


Michelle Yandle Nutrition Coach for Empowered Eating

Michelle Yandle is a nutrition coach, healthy food ambassador, international speaker, and recovering yo-yo dieter. Since its beginning, her company has helped countless people regain their health without rules, strict exercise regimens, or deprivation of any kind and through the Empowered Eating Handbook. She hopes to help you do the same. Catch up with Michelle on her websiteFacebook, and Instagram.


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