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Apr 09
Is motivation a problem?

There are many reasons why we can lose motivation, feel stuck or even start sabotaging our efforts. After talking with clients I have come up with some reasons and some potential solutions that may help to get you moving again – that is if that’s what you’re meant to be doing….. FEAR Even if it […]

Apr 09
Ten thoughts on RED and GREEN zone

When I am coaching I talk about these two different areas, the red zone where we are struggling, frustrated, down, angry, stuck, no motivation, and then the green zone, where we have focus, direction, clarity, peace, motivation, joy… 1. Both zones are a part of us, and I explain in this blog, why I don’t like to […]

Aug 02
Study for a qualification in natural health?

Wellpark College of Natural Therapies has been providing qualifications and courses in Natural health for over 27 years. We are passionate about integrated health care and ensuring that the public can make informed choices about how they best manage their health and wellbeing. Our job at Wellpark College is to educate, train and support students. […]

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