Once there was a “Way” that was

Known to be “right”

It was difficult but

Everyone knew this

“This” was a good Way,

It was “right”

After a time new ideas flourished

They also were “right”

It made space for things to grow

More good was the harvest

Little by little more

Was added

Because “more” was good once

It was decided that “more” would always be


After a time, The Way that was true

Had a lot of side ways,

Exits and entrances were made

Going in every direction

These ways became like a giant highway

One that ran in a great circle

With exits leading to nowhere

Dead ends and

“Ways” with no endings

The “Way” everyone took

Ceased to be difficult, it

Got confused and confusing

Thought and action went in all directions

Everything was seen as good

Soon no one kept to The Way any longer

It became forgotten and overgrown,

People lost it and

Very few set foot

Upon it any longer

There were faster routes any way,

All the people were very satisfied

With themselves,

The First Way became

More narrow

Like a razor

“The Razors Edge”

Few people looked for “it” any longer

But like a high mountain

It shone in the far imaginings

Of a few

That true way was not lost,

Not abandoned

It just became

Harder to find

michael graney

Michael Graney has been a practicing yogi for over 3 decades. His journey in the practices of mindfulness began in his mid-teens with an introduction to Zen Buddhism presented by a Jesuit priest. Since then he has travelled extensively in odd corners of the Earth from Central and South America to Borneo and the far North. He has been a wilderness and adventure guide for over 30 years, a wilderness therapist with a degree in folklore and continues to explore far-flung regions to experience traditional cultures and learn about the land and animals that spawned us. His affinity for wildness and wild places keeps him close to his animal and mineral teachers and he has been writing poetry and essays since early childhood addressing the topics of mythology, human/animal relations and spiritual responsibility. He can be found these days travelling between New Zealand and Alaska.


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