Introducing Kula Wellness – your guide to a happier, healthier you.

Kula Wellness is an online initiative established by Lindsay Cowley, Holistic Nutritionist, and Raewyn Ng, Movement and Wellness Coach, with a mission to cut through the confusion created by the health and wellness industry and remind you that health is more than how you look.

Lindsay and Rae aim to make ‘health’ simple, sustainable and enjoyable and believe that achieving your Best You shouldn’t be complicated, time-consuming or hard.

The Sanskrit word ‘Kula’ means community or family, and can be extended to refer to the community that you choose to be a part of – the group of people with whom you share common values and hold you up to be your Best You.

Lindsay and Rae invite you to join their Kula which offers online support and both free and paid programmes to help you cultivate a healthy relationship with mind, body and food based on the three pillars of nutrition, movement and mindset.

You won’t find any quick fixes, magic pills or fad diets at Kula Wellness, it’s all about doing the simple things consistently, and making it as easy as possible to live your healthiest life, doing what’s best for you and the environment you live in.

Lindsay and Rae are also big on getting you to take responsibility for your decisions – their programmes centre on providing guidelines and ideas on how to implement them instead of prescribing exactly what you should eat and do. The reasoning behind this approach is that by encouraging you to take ownership of your decisions, you’re more likely to adopt these practices long term, ensuring success after the programme has finished.

Their free Facebook closed group is a place to discuss, empower, educate and inspire on all things health and wellness related and you can join them there for regular Facebook Live and ‘Ask Us Anything’ sessions, share your comments, challenges and successes and find support in your journey to optimal health.

Six-week online Lifestyle Reset Programme

Their six-week online Lifestyle Reset programme gives you all the basics to get started on improving your health holistically and is the springboard for their more detailed ongoing VIP programme which provides accountability to stay on track and take your health to the next level.

Part of what makes Kula Wellness unique is the value of giving back to improve the world we live in, supporting local communities as well as international causes. Under the Kula Giving programme, every enrolment into their paid programmes means $10 of the purchase price goes straight to one of the charities they support – and you get to decide where your $10 goes to on sign up. The women have found both local and international charities that speak to them and there’s sure to be a cause that resonates with you too. Find out about the charities they support here (

Introductory offer to Consciously Living readers.

As an introductory offer to Consciously Living readers, Kula Wellness would like to invite you to their next Lifestyle Reset programme starting 20 August with $10 off using the coupon code ‘CONSCIOUS’. Each week you’ll receive videos and workbooks focusing on different aspects of health within the three pillars of Nutrition, Movement and Mindset as well as support within our private Facebook page where they can offer solutions and advice for any questions that come up throughout the programme.
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Kula Wellness is:

Kula Wellness

Lindsay Cowley, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and Wellness Coach, who has trained with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (CSNN). Yes, she hails from the Great White North but calls the Kapiti Coast in NZ home these days. Lindsay has a holistic approach to helping you reach your wellness goals – it’s not only about what you eat, it’s about healthy lifestyles too!

Raewyn Ng, a Movement and Wellness Coach, with a bunch of completely unrelated qualifications. She is now a Kaizen Advanced Health Coach, CHEK Practitioner and FMA Strength Trainer. Her main areas of interest are the impact of stress on mental and physical wellness and weight loss, the interface between personal and environmental health and managing sustainable healthy lifestyles.


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