Its All in Your Mind… (Or Your Cup!)

Some days I feel like I am wandering through a fog, indecisive and overwhelmed, as my life happens around me. I’m trying my best to get everything done and simultaneously feel like I’m getting nothing done!

I’m sure you too have days like these and, like me, you’d love to shift the fog and remove the malaise to feel motivated, productive, more sure of your choices and confidently choosing to live life the way you imagine you should be!

On those days, I find myself putting the jug on – the ritual of having a cuppa is familiar and soothing. It’s a little bit like putting yourself in a bubble to momentarily close off from the outside world.

What if I told you that you can tweak that moment and turn the power of that daily cuppa into a ritual that rewards you in many ways far beyond that little bubble of time?

Practising mindfulness using a tea meditation is a really easy way to bring you into your reality, to help you connect with yourself and truly experience your Now. It heightens your senses, creates space in your mind and brings a sense of calm.

We often neglect our mind given it is intangible and unseen. Yet a Mindful Moment over your daily cuppa allows you to give it some tender loving care, just as you do for your other physical body parts.

mindful moment cup of tea ritual

So how exactly do you cultivate mindfulness over a Tea Meditation?

Cultivating mindfulness, or practising to be more mindful, is about consciously directing your attention. Using all the senses within your body – feeling, touching, seeing, hearing, and, in the case of a cuppa, tasting – to deliberately pay attention to what is occurring at that moment.

A Tea Meditation is similar to the Japanese Tea Ceremony – a ritualised preparation, presentation and drinking of Matcha – where the process of enjoying tea is broken down into small parts, and each part carefully considered, with time and attention.

Practising in this way encourages you to slow down, to bring every aspect of the activity into focus, as we essentially “pay attention to our attention”. It’s kind of like participating by observing, watching each moment unfold with curiosity and compassion. In using both your attention and your senses, you build greater awareness – of thoughts and feelings, as well as physical sensations.

Why would you want to do this?

In the same way that you can choose nutrient dense food or food with little nutritional value, you can also choose to be lead by conscious or subconscious thought. The more conscious you become of your thoughts and feelings, the more space you create to see them and the more choice you give yourself. This helps you choose what you pay attention to, what you feel, what you react to.

‘the more often you practise paying attention, the more likely this mindfulness will flow over
(out of your cup so to speak!) into your everyday life.’

The best thing is that the more often you practise paying attention, the more likely this mindfulness will flow over (out of your cup so to speak!) into your everyday life. This helps to lift the fog, brings focus, clarity, a sense of calm and helps you to live more consciously.

So I encourage you to be curious and give our Tea Meditation a try! (below) Your mind will love you for it!

With Love,
Janine @ The Black Kettle Co

tea meditation with the black kettle company
1. Prepare
Gather your tools – a beautiful mug, spoon, ingredients, even flowers… Begin to quiet your mental chatter and focus on making your drink. Notice and be in every step of the preparation. Feel the mug, hear the water boiling, watch the steam, sense your weight on your feet…

2. Appreciate
Place your mug next to a comfortable chair & sit down. Take three slow deep breaths and allow it to relax you, removing tension each time you exhale. Then consider everything that had to happen for you to have this moment…

3. Anticipate
Tune into your moment. Take your cup in your hands, what does it feel like? The texture, it’s temperature, weight, shape? As you bring it towards your mouth, what do you smell, what does the anticipation of your first sip feel like?

4. Experience
Take a sip. What does the mug feel like on your lips, the liquid in your mouth? What flavours do you taste? Swallow and follow it as it moves down. Pay attention and truly participate before replacing your cup.

5. Pause
Take a breath and muse. Observe your feelings, bring awareness to them. Be curious and open-minded, and try not to judge or react.

6. Repeat
Take your time, refocusing on your practise as your mind wanders, sipping, experiencing and observing as you continue to drink.

7. Be Grateful
As you finish, be grateful to have taken time to slow down. Breathe, smile and give yourself the space to feel calm & peaceful. And take that with you as you re-enter your day.

It goes without saying that their organic latte blends have been handcrafted to bring you a nutritious considered drink that even on their own can satisfy genuine physical or emotional needs – from energy to mood-boosting, to quelling sugar cravings or calming inflammation.

Being influenced by the wisdom of ancient tea drinking rituals and meditation practise, means they offer both to you with a modern twist – plant-based lattes & a little mindfulness. The Black Kettle Company may just inspire you to create your very own Mindful Moment.


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