I try to be childlike when it comes to the enjoyment of life. Staying curious, staying playful and admiring all the beauty in the world. Noticing moments and life itself. We, grownups filter so much of our surroundings, but have you tried to pay attention to all that is around you – the colours, surfaces, smells, sensations? And it doesn’t mean to be childish, it means to have that never-ending explorer in you.

One of my sunrise missions here in Mount Maunganui ended up dancing on the beach and not caring about what people will think about me. How I got there? Well, there were a few steps:

  • First – I got out of bed because I asked myself “What I will be more grateful to myself at the end of the day – waking up and seeing the sunrise and missing some sleep, or laying in and starting my day later?”
  • Second – I didn’t sink into my thoughts, but admired the fog, clouds and that Mount has disappeared from the sight. I listened to the waves and smiled for butterfly’s gentle morning caress to my cheeks, as I got on the beach. Worth to mention, this is one of the most gorgeous white sand beaches you will ever find.

  • Third – I kept being curious. I noticed other ‘early morning birds’ who had a walk/run and that the lady that was walking behind me mistically has disappeared (just as the Mount in the fog), so I turned around, tried to figure out where she has gone, and at that very moment huge meteorite crossed the sky and burned a scar in it. It seemed as a peep into a parallel world where the magic is the norm for everyone, not just those who stay with an open mind.

  • Fourth – I said THANKS to the Universe and to myself for these moments I wouldn’t experience if have stayed in bed. And I smiled for the opportunity to be the one to whom magic opens up. And I know it happens only because I’m opening up to it. Putting myself out there, to be filled with all it has to offer.

  • Fifth – I was able to share this beauty with friends and that makes it even more cherishable and rememberable. Sharing struggle of climbing up, sharing the admiration for the vista and overall gratitude that sunrise melts in your heart, creates deeper connections with others, and this was one of those times. 


You make the moment.
So make it count.

Article by: Evita Zarina
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ev.zarina
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evita_zarina/

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