Last week I talked about fatigue coming from food choices, allergies or intolerances or maybe you’ve just been going to hard for too long.

But there is another side to fatigue as well. And yes, here again, it’s a clear message. Maybe you are eating all the right things, and moving in a fun and sustainable way, you are doing all the right things, but it’s still there. Or maybe you aren’t but you can’t bring yourself to eating healthy, you just don’t have the energy and drive to do so.

So let me ask you a question:

Are you living the vibrant life that you want?

The life that gives you joy and energy! Do you love your job, are your days filled with laughter and awesome people. Are you spending time by yourself, nourishing yourself? Do you follow your dreams?

Unfortunately, I meet way too many people who aren’t. They are stuck in the rut of working every day, a job they don’t even like, paying off their house. And don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having a 9 to 5 job and paying off your own house. Not at all, if that’s what rocks your boat, then awesome! But then you probably aren’t the ones struggling with fatigue (unless you don’t take enough time to nourish yourself, then keep reading!).

I am talking about the ones who do what they are doing because they think or feel that that’s what they are supposed to do… What society wants you to do, what their parents want them to do. But deep down they want to do something completely different. So they are unhappy, not feeling vibrant about life. How do you think their energy levels are?

I met a lot of people in Guatemala, years ago, in that boat. They studied, got the job, got the house, and then sat there, on their couch, realizing that they weren’t happy at all. They quit their job, sold the house and started travelling. Guess what happened to their energy? Yep, all the energy in the world!

Or how about your relationship? Does it give you energy? Or does it drag you down? We all go through ups and downs in our relationships, but in general, being with the one you love should definitely pick you up! Is there something you need to change here? Or even some friends… when they suck all your energy all the time (and not because they are struggling with something and you are there for them but because, well, they shouldn’t really be your friend) time to let them go.

Or are you happy with the life you live but you just don’t seem to juggle it all that well, missing out on time for you! Nourishment and time for you are so important! You might think you don’t have the time, but really, when you make time for it, you end up having more energy (and happiness!) which makes everything (and everyone!) a lot easier! Say no to things you don’t want to go to, take time off for you, or to spend time with friends. Go for walks in the forest, stand up paddle boarding, learn something new. Whatever makes your soul happy!

When you are lacking “vibrancy” in your life, you will lack it in your body too.

The fatigue is telling you, again, slow down. But this time it’s telling you to slow down to have a look at your life and ask yourself: Am I happy? Am I living the life I want?

I am a bit of an ambassador for this. It’s become a bit of my mission to show people that you can live the life you want. I might always be broke, but man I am happy with the life I got, the awesome things I get to do and see and the people I get to meet. And again, I want to make this pretty clear, I know my lifestyle isn’t for everyone. But whatever it is for you, make sure you are doing it! Even when it’s just taking a bit more time for fun stuff and nourishment.

But if you hate your job and everyday wish you would be doing something else: go and do something else! You can make it work, there is always a choice and an option when you look for it!

So what is your fatigue telling you? It’s not always just physical, you might just be tired of your life… and isn’t that a shame, go and make some changes, you deserve it!

Having trouble to pin point your fatigue? Or scared to take a leap? Get in touch with me for some coaching, to be the best you can be, to live a vibrant life!

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