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Fashion makes you a super hero! See 10 ways how…

Who doesn’t love fashion?
Browsing glossy magazine, a trip to the mall, getting the best weekend deals! Fashion’s an obvious part of our daily lives like nothing else. Not just as individuals, but even when we shop for friends and family we are involuntarily becoming a part of the world of fashion.

But, unlike popular opinion, there is more to fashion than just new clothes. No, I do not mean belts and shoes!! (though that is correct as well). I am sure you have heard a lot about how fashion is also a reflection of our history and culture. But did anyone ever tell you that fashion gives YOU SUPER POWERS that you didn’t know about?

Curious? Let’s find out!!

1) The shapeshifter – Transform at will! Or not, your choice.
Fashion gives you the power to choose your own skin. Choose who you want to be this very moment. Who you want to be this week, next year. Portray your true personality through your clothes. Shy, introvert writer or a slick, corporate lawyer. Your choice. Even, Mix and match sometimes. Who is to say what you can be and cannot?
Fashion isn’t about being told what to wear by the billboards and the magazines, it’s about the freedom for deciding so for yourself. And I have seen it, you do it well.

2) The Barrier Warrior – Protect your own, no one does it better than you.
You may not realize it, but every time you dress your child, it is an act of defense. Aren’t you protecting them from the cold when you give them that extra jacket or protect them from rain when you buy a pair of those gumboots. Or even protect them from peer pressure by buying them the latest Tangled T-shirt or the new Transformer lunch box.
My dear friend, you are a superhero every day. And you do the same for a partner, or a sibling by being a barrier between them and ridicule with your expert opinion. That fashionista in you is more than just about trends, it is an act of kindness!

3) The Dollar Bender – It’s pay up time only when you say so.
You attack with the stuff that makes up 100% of your household budget, affects all of the Earth’s economies, and emerges from your wallet on a regular basis: Money. Just plain old money.
Fashion is so vast, that every single dollar spent on it, affects every single facet of our economy. Your money spent on clothes decides how people are paid across the ocean, decides how your government signs trade agreements, decides which brand sets up shop in your neighborhood. Yes, it is that important. Will a new international brand enter our market; will a local brand survive? You answer these questions every day. Your money is your power and you spend it wisely.

4) The Mastermind – It’s the style that you ordered! Subconsciously.
Have you wondered why the color you have been feeling recently suddenly appears everywhere? How do fashion companies know which color to put on the shelf? It’s me, it’s you, it’s us who tells them. You are the mastermind behind all the craze. Every link you click, every lipstick you possess, every movie you like today sets the trend for tomorrow.
Yes, it is true. It is your everyday choices that helps fashion giants to depict trends for tomorrow. You even play mind games with their marketing gurus. And by the looks of it, you seem to be an expert at that! Well done!

5) Sergeant Rock – Say no to assumptions!
You are a rock, and you are tough. And how do you correct assumptions, clear misconceptions? By dressing the part. After a long night with the baby at home, you get up and dress sharp to not let people at work assume you are letting it slip. You project confidence with impeccable taste even in front of the most nerve-racking audience.
They may try to spread words about you, but you put them down! You show them, haters, that it can’t be done!

6) The Border Patrol – Every relationship needs a definition.
Unknowingly, you define those relationships with the outfits you wear. Like how you would hang out with your bestie in your jammies and let her know you are comfortable with her and don’t need to put up a front. Whereas in front of a colleague you are at your official best and let them know that that’s all they are going to get out of you, a professional relationship with no room for any personal touch. Fashion gives you the power to patrol your personal boundaries and do it with ease.

7) The seductress – Does this need an explanation!?
We all have those cute teddies, the naughty corsets, and that red hot dress which takes the date night to next level! But it’s only your inner diva that brings them to life and makes you look like the bombshell that you are!! So the next time you pull that slinky nightgown out, remember you are the seductress, master of enchantment and you are here to win.

8) The Social Cloaker – A master of the art of blending in, in order to stand out.
You express, you intimate, you suggest and you share your wisdom day in and out on subjects that not only affect you but also that affect the society. Your sense of responsibility holds this community together like nothing else. But when that’s not enough, you also dress to make a difference. You strip down to your activewear to participate in a marathon or dress up in pink for breast cancer awareness. Your clothes provide you the cloaking that allows you to fit in or stand out and make a difference.

9) The Order Inducer – Who dares to face your wrath by leaving that stain unattended.
You have a lot of means at your disposal. A lot of ways you use to discipline your family. Taking kids’ help to do the dishes, getting hubby’s help to vacuum, that’s how you bring order to all our chaotic lives! But what about laundry. Isn’t that helpful too? Isn’t making your kids fold their own clothes the first thing you teach as a sign of discipline and tidiness.
Clothes help us bring that order in our lives in so many different ways and we don’t even realize. Like running off to wash the red wine so it doesn’t stain, that’s discipline! And you bring that upon us!

10) Captain Planet – You are the power that will save the world!
You are the captain and you know it! When you refashion your clothes in your crafty little ways or recycling an old T-shirt into a duster, you are saving the planet! Every decision that you make when it comes to your fashion choices, effects the planet and the environment around you. No matter where it was made, but if your polyester dress ends up in the landfill, it’s probably in the one closest to your neighborhood. By shopping ethically and sensibly, I know you don’t let that happen!!

So don’t believe what the magazines tell you, and don’t believe what the scholars tell you either. You are not the victims of consumerism, or of fast fashion. You are only what you want to be. Fashion gives you that power like nothing else. Embrace it and find your inner superhero!

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