creating balance

2 days, 9 inspirational women, infinite opportunities.

Join us for a weekend of information, demonstration & insights. If you’re struggling to find answers to nagging health issues or just want to know more about the limitless powers of the universe and how you can lead your best possible life, then this is the event for you.

9 Practitioners/teachers/Business women from different modalities will tell their stories of how they came to train in their fields and demonstrate what they do with the opportunity on day 2 to book with them 1 on 1 or attend seminars/workshops on offer.

A weekend not to be missed!

28th & 29th April 2018, Kinross Cottages, Queenstown.


Jane GruebnerJane Gruebner
International Instructor – The DoorWay
We believe there is another way for businesses, organisations and individuals to live and operate. The DoorWay’s “whole brain and body” approach provides a new “operating system” with protocols that deliver faster and better results. We see a world full of happy and productive people secure in the knowledge they are contributing and maximising all opportunities and potentialities. The DoorWay mission is to “open the door” to people and organisations to be more consciously aware of their talent and opportunities, to capitalise on these and to achieve the results they desire. The DoorWay uses an innovate combination of biology, quantum law and holistic new world practices. These are delivered through an evolving set of workshops, coaching, membership subscriptions, affiliate listings and related products and services.
Jane will be travelling from Auckland to be at our event so don’t miss out on the chance to see her in Queenstown for this first time!

Beth BeauchampBeth Beauchamp
MFR Instructor &
Passionate, Inspiring & Fun
I am passionate about health and healing, as well as helping people feel more vibrant about their lives. I am a Medical Massage Therapist, BodyTalk Practitioner & Health Coach. I have a clinical practice in Nelson.  But my other passion is teaching and inspiring other health practitioners to incorporate myofascial release techniques into their practices to gain better outcomes with clients. I am on a bit of a crusade to raise awareness about the importance of the fascial tissue in the body and its influence on everything that we do both anatomically and physiologically. I find it can be the missing link to physical transformation when other treatments have failed.

michelle carpenter

Michelle Carpenter
Medium/Dorn therapist
I am someone who is empathetic, grateful and joyful – bordering on mad 🙂
Short description of what you do: I am a medium who channels and connects with those who have left this world and passed over. I also feel energy from photo’s or pictures of those still here in the physical world and those who have passed on. I am able to sense and feel energy in my clients, which is where I use my Dorn therapy to help shift energy within their bodies.


Angie Howard


Angie Howard
Conscious Serenity
Loving the way I now live life with a new awareness, calmness, clarity and confidence, I have so much passion and desire to help others find their own clarity and inner peace that this lead me to train as a Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Breakthrough Coach, Timeline Technology Coach and Reiki Healer Master Practitioner.


Sousa JeffersonSousa Jefferson
Planet Mechanic -Astrological Consultant
Sousa is a New Zealander and practitioner of astrology for more than 20 years. She has a degree in Astrology from Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences, in Seattle Washington. Her current services include; Astrological Forecast Readings, Cycle-Logical Counseling, Health Readings, Family Karma Readings, Elections – timing important events, Relationship Compatibility, Children’s Profiles, Courses, Workshops and Talks.


Steph HollowaySteph Holloway
Communications expert – Elemental Potential
Steph is NZs leading body language expert and communication coach. A profound speaker with an impactful message. A committed minimalist and action based ally to move you forward to where you want to be. Author of Live and Work in your Element. Steph is dedicated to ‘IN’powering people to live an authentic life. She is NZs only practitioner and provider of Compassionate Assertiveness coaching which makes significant changes to your life almost instantly, increases your well-being, reduces stress, increases perception about what is really happening in your life. Steph will be offering a talk on the Saturday night from 6pm to 8pm. This talk is open to the public but those who purchase tickets to the weekend event will get priority tickets with an added bonus. Tickets are $27.


SeydaSeyda Roper
Studio Shaka – Yoga teacher/Writer
I provide a private yoga service in order to help those struggling with injury, a busy schedule or to those who cherish the one to one environment.
Instagram: @studioshakanz @yogabyseyda


chenin madden

Chenin Madden
Cre8ing Balance – Energy Healer & Intuitive
Life is all about balance and it all starts with putting yourself first.
I am Mum, a wife, a nature lover, advocate & instigator for getting people to reach their highest potential through loving their unique self and removing blockages in the energy field. Faced with many challenges in my life prior to giving birth, the journey of becoming a Mum and continuous health issues were the turning point in my life and career. When trying to find answers to personal health issues, conventional medicine & prior medical knowledge left me chasing my tail. That’s when I found other modalities that solved my medical issues and developed a passion for holistic health & healing.

Linda McIntosh
Consciously Living & Nameh
Mother. Humanitarian. Connector.
I founded Consciously Living with the intention to connect, elevate and share wellbeing and help individuals find socially and environmentally responsible brands. I also create crystal bracelets and use essential oils that offer comfort from their connection.



  • Access to 9 amazing woman in one location
  • Goody bag with hundreds of dollars in savings
  • Day 1 – Lunch, Tea & Coffee included
  • Day 2 Tea & Coffee
  • Day 2 from 12pm – Option to book discounted 1 on 1 sessions with selected practitioners (additional cost) or workshops
  • Discounted accommodation at Kinross Cottages
  • Access to wine tasting, walks and cycle tours in the Gibbston Valley (Additional cost)

For more information contact Chenin Madden of Cre8ing Balance on 021 288 0270 or purchase the Event Tickets here.

Want to share your business or your voice with our community? We’d love you to contribute. Contact us for more information.

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