Cancer – hope is the only thing stronger than fear!

This message really resonates with me BIGTIME as I learn of more amazing people recently diagnosed with CANCER or being told there is nothing more we can do for you.

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, or have been told there is nothing more the medical system can do for them, without a doubt it fills them with FEAR.

Cancer not only attacks you physically, it also tears at you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The friends and clients I talk with, I try to talk about the importance of staying spiritually strong. For many people, spiritual strength is critical in healing from cancer. Spiritual strength can help you maintain a sense of hope, faith and courage in the face of the disease.

Healing from CANCER means you are going to need help from loved ones, friends, family, the medical community, and for some, the faith community and, yes, your own belief system in yourself.

There are so many other options available out there now, that one should never give up HOPE because the medical system has told you so.

Believing that you can HEAL is the most important aspect of the journey. You cannot do this alone. A major step in getting strong spiritually is to make peace in three main areas of your life. First is to make peace with yourself. You did not cause this situation. Cancer does not discriminate, it does not care if you are a nice person, a healthy person, a believer in god, young or old. Anyone can get cancer. So make peace with yourself and be gentle on yourself during the path ahead.

Next, make peace with others, spiritually if not in person. Forgive others and let go of past hurts and offences. You do not have time to continue to invest in emotional pain that may be draining you spiritually. Let it go. Forgive and live. Then, make peace with God (or whatever you believe in). God did not give you cancer. When I meet with clients, the “Why, God?” questions come up frequently.

Asking why is a normal human question, but focusing on “Why” can get you stuck and frustrated. Try to put that question on hold and make peace with yourself. It will help you move forward in your cancer journey and in life.

Finally, develop your own personal spiritual care plan. Feed your spirit. Feed your beliefs and not your fears. Your spiritual care plan may include:

  • Writing a daily journal
  • Meditating (quieting your spirit to hear your own inner voice)
  • Finding a safe space to talk, vent feelings and cry with others
  • Connecting with activities that lift your spirits, such as art therapy, music therapy, walks, laughter therapy and rest.
  • Yoga or practising tai chi.

If you or loved ones are struggling with what to do next from a diagnosis or looking for other options then please let them know I can help. I always offer a FREE 15 minute (pick my brain) phone consultation. I also offer a cancer support programme too.

Article by: Justine Laidlaw

Hi, I’m Justine Laidlaw – Colon Cancer survivor, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Life Coach based in the beautiful Bay of Plenty in New Zealand. I love life, make the most of opportunities and I am certainly not afraid of change. I coach to help change lives as mine was changed drastically in 2013.

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