Bikes & Bends have combined two passions into one love with a refreshing twist.

When I called Danica of Bikes & Bends, the Co-Founder with her partner Nick, I hung up the phone feeling a real sense of uplift from talking with and listening to a person who has such great energy.  It is no wonder how a fresh concept as this, partnered with a great team that many would also feel the same benefit.  YO! is not only their friendly way of saying hello, but coined to stand for ‘Yoga Outdoors’.  This is just another way their light-hearted and friendly approach connects to many who have an interest in taking a little time for themselves in the hustle of everyday life.

Bikes & Bends is such a great concept, can you tell our community more about what it is that you do and the inspiration behind the idea?

Nick and I would ride our bikes along the Auckland waterfront and stop for a bit of yoga and enjoy the view. The more we did this, we thought other people might enjoy it too. So we found an amazing outdoor space which the council were happy for us to use so we started “Yoga Outdoors” on the viewing deck on ANZ Event Centre, Wynyard Quarter. Our aim was to make yoga fun and accessible for people, and we felt the name “Bikes & Bends” was our way to remove the stigma of “Yoga” and make it a bit more fun! We use the bikes to cart gear around easily thanks to New Zealand post who donated us 2 of their ex-postie bikes (which we restored) and use to deliver yoga where possible.

Not only inspiring people to YO ‘Yoga Outdoors’, but you also offer corporate wellness packages, retreats and ‘come to your workplace’.  Tell us more… and why people should consider these options?

Our aim is to make yoga and meditation as simple and accessible as possible. We deliver yoga to community + corporate spaces, offering pop-up classes, regular outdoor sessions during Summer, workshops, retreats and corporate wellness. We deliver yoga by bike (where possible!) kind of like the postie delivers mail.. we bring yoga mats and awesome teachers to you! Our style is light hearted and available to beginners through to the pros.

What can people expect when practising yoga with Bikes & Bends?

Light hearted yoga sessions with an element of fun! We encourage you to smile, laugh if you fall out of a pose and maybe make a new friend along the way!

How do you measure success and what have been your biggest influences in making decisions when it comes to your business and connecting with your community?

Oh, great question! Success for us often comes when other people see the value in what we do. For example, when companies reach out to us to collaborate and share wellness. We’ve just held a retreat in our favourite place in the world, Raglan and had so many wonderful sponsors come on board to make it even more fantastic: Raglan Coconut Yogurt, Poppy & Olive and Venerdi (Gluten free bread). And of course, a huge part of our success is seeing the transformation of our yoga community. Seeing people gain strength, mobility, mental clarity (the list goes on..) is the most wonderful thing. Some of our yogis have been inspired to listen to their heart and make a change in their life for the better.

Where can our community find you?

We’d love to see you in one of our classes or on a retreat! Failing that, you can connect with us on Instagram – Facebook or visit our Web (links below).

Your favourite quote?

It’s a long one, but the first line is: “This is your life. Do what you love and do it often” I pretty much live by this.


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Bikes & Bends is a social enterprise, helping people unplug and connect with their true nature through Yoga, Meditation, Corporate Wellness & Retreats.  Founded by a yogi and bike enthusiast, we deliver wellness like the postman delivers mail. Look out for our bikes around town and get in touch if you’d like us to come to you.

YO! Bikes & Bends Yoga Delivery

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