“Feel yourself and the strength in you, ram your roots into the ground and straighten your back, so the winds can’t break you. Of course, its power is huge and you could lose some branches, your leaves will be taken away and your blossoms are going to be put back to sleep, but you will not lose the most important – light of the soul if you hold onto it. Don’t give in to provocations, don’t give in to murky talks – instead bring the light and ease into all of that. Be the sip of fresh air there where others are hiding under the water while storms calm down.”

This was a thought I have written down a year ago, but still is relevant and always will be. And I got reminded of it a few days ago while I was waiting for my morning coffee at Coffee Club in Mount Maunganui. (Just saying, but there is the best flat white I have had in a while. Bonus – if you come with your own take-away cup you can get a 20% discount and collect stamps, that gives the 5th coffee for free. I’m going back for sure!)

But let’s get back to the morning itself. So while I was sitting there and enjoying the warm morning, I noticed this irritated woman, who was complaining that making a smoothie takes so long. And when she got it, found another reason to be dissatisfied with – she didn’t want it in the take-away but proper glass. Eventually, she left, still being annoyed about everything. And then, after a second, she was back and said she doesn’t want the smoothie at all, and girls from the cafe paid the money back. In a moment she was gone but leaving this heavy cloud in the middle of the cafe… But soon it was melted away with waitress’s free smoothie offer to a group of friends that were chilling there. With a golden ballon’s give-away to a kid who enjoyed it like the best toy, he has ever had. And the light from the loving heart won over the sadness and pain.

The only thought that stayed with me for a while was hat I hope this lady will find her light and be able to stand tall and strong in the storms she is having in her life and to not be pulled into the turmoil of emotions and events that have made her be disconnected with herself.

You make the moment, so make it count.

Article by: Evita Zariņa
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I am and that is the best that has happened to me.

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